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HAPPY EASTER, everyone!

(Autor: Stephanie) 
 It’s me, Heng Heng. Not “baby” Heng Heng, I’m a big girl now. I’m 4! I turned four years old on March 16th. I’d hold up four fingers if I could, but the thing is, I’ve only got one. And it’s at the tip of my nose! (Did you know my nose is called a ‘trunk’? Bet you didn’t!)
Guess how many birthday cakes I got? No, not one. I got two! They were both so colorful, almost too pretty to eat (almost), and oh so delicious. I wanted to do a cake smash, I’ve heard it’s what other babies like doing to cakes. But since I’m a big girl now, I daintily scooped up each bite instead, first with my foot, and then with my trunk…and then I had a party in my mouth! My tummy was so happy. So were Mum’s and Nan’s.
Do you know what one of my most favorite things in the world is (aside from getting to spend time with Mum and Nan)? It’s when people come visit. They always come bearing treats like bananas and sugarcane. In fact, I still remember this day.
Even though some things have changed and we don’t really do that anymore, Mum and Nan still like having visitors, too (they like showing them, from a distance, our beautiful home in nature). But if you can’t visit, it’s okay. Maybe you can welcome us into your family instead.
I’m going to close my eyes real tight and make a belated birthday wish for now. If I wish hard enough, it just might come true!
Well, it’s time to enjoy your chocolate bunnies. I think I’m going to go enjoy a different kind of chocolate… Hmmm, I hear Mum and Nan calling…yes, we’re heading to the mud bath, yay! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!
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