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Elephant Sanctuary Laos – A sanctuary for elephants

Laos was once called the land of millions of elephants. Unfortunately, the population in this country is minimized annually due to deforestation and poaching. Today, elephants are used for agricultural work or entertainment purposes. Every year in February there is a big Elephant Festival in Xayabouri. Weeks before the festival, captive elephants must arrive to be forcibly trained to perform tricks.

The Save Elephant Foundation, through its project, now offers a sanctuary for animals in Laos since 2019. I was allowed to visit this place for three weeks. The sanctuary is surrounded by jungle where the elephants stay throughout the day and are self-sufficient.
In the afternoon we visited the elephants in the jungle. Since the gray giants were relatively far from the Sanctuary at this time of day, we mostly took the boat to pay them a visit. Pictures say to this unbelievable time simply times than thousand words:
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It is so nice to see how much they enjoy their freedom. From monkeys, chickens, cows, dogs to elephants – is lived here harmoniously together.

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