ETHICAL is only freedom.

How can I help elephants?

Elephants are the Colors of the earth . They are beautiful, wonderful creatures, clever, sociable, lovingly, sensitive with a strong sense of family. They are emphatic, help each other and comfort each other.
But they are threatened with extinction .
That is why we are committed to these gentle gray giants, because their future is in our hands. Let’s act TOGETHER.

How to save lives. Become an elephant sponsor.

With your donation you support the from Lek Chailert rescued elephants in the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand as well as the projects of the
Save Elephant Foundation
in Asia and Laos. You help to ensure that these battered, maltreated, traumatized animals receive medical care and can have a life that is as appropriate to their species as possible. They make friends and their soul can heal in the company of new family members – cared for by Love & Bananas.

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