Who we are – our motivation and why our association is registered in Spain.

we Martina and Mathias Schickhoff and Julia P. Manzau left Germany a few years ago and live in Spain between Valencia and Alicante. And so of course we have to register our club in Spain. Since we operate worldwide, the national register of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior is responsible for us and we are also registered there.

We are already known as HEART4ELEPHANTS on Facebook and Instagram and have also kept this name for our homepage.
The new association laws in Spain require a Spanish name that expresses the goal of the association – and that is why our Spanish association name is: Asociación para el sobrevivier de los elefantes en el mundo (Association for the survival of elephants around the world).

Our team in elephant protection

For the love of the grey giants


Martina Schickhoff (Tina)


Of all animals, I love elephants and cats the most. The plight of the street cats here locally (where I live) didn't let me go and we started the private initiative *CumbreCats Control Campaign*. - In order to be able to help my beloved elephants worldwide and especially in Asia, we founded this association. I regularly fly to Thailand to help in various projects as a volunteer and to inquire about new projects (privately funded).


Mathias Schickhoff


Even as a little boy I loved to explore nature and of course I am also a big cat and elephant fan. ------

With my handmade cards for every occasion and individual occasions I try to help the animals. These are welcome to be purchased for a donation. 100% goes to animals.


Julia P. Manzau


From childhood on, respect for life was important to me. Man can only be the crowning glory of creation when he takes responsibility. We have to protect our homeland, the earth - at least as well as we can in our imperfection. For me this is not hype, not a current trend, not an ideological goal, but results from the deep awareness that you are part of this universe and should fulfill your place. This includes commitment, love, respect, education, technological development and - very importantly - freedom. And that's exactly what we want to create for the wonderful gray giants.


Oliver Liewald

dedicated animal activist

When I visited the Surin Elephant during my first vacation trip to Thailand in 2012
Festivals and some holiday regions on the grievances of the elephants and their
When I became aware of the living conditions in Southeast Asia, the gentle giants wouldn't let me
more going on.
After a turbulent 2018 with serious changes in my private life, I had
I decided to take a break and work as a volunteer in Thailand for a few weeks
work. These experiences left a lasting impression on me and on my personality
Since then, I have been drawn to the Sava projects at very regular intervals
Elephant Foundation (privately funded).


Nicole Wolnikowski

dedicated animal activist

I had the opportunity to visit and support two projects (Thailand and Laos) of the Save Elephant Foundation for several weeks during my sabbatical. The time has shaped me very much, which is why I want to use my voice for the animals in need in the future.