I’m sure you feel the same way as many others. You are fascinated by the feats the elephants perform, you admire the great paintings and, in the end, almost everyone has dreamed of a ride on an elephant. ONLY what is behind it remains hidden, NO ONE can imagine it.

Elephant tourism - a look behind the scenes

Elephant tourism is booming particularly in Asian countries, but not only there. We also find a lot of elephant abuse in Europe.

Phajaan - this is how the elephant's spirit is broken

To ride an elephant once is a dream for many people – but the elephants live a nightmare all their lives.
Painting on command, driving a scooter, playing ball, dancing – just to name a few of the quasi-amusing demonstrations, no elephant volunteers (neither does other animals, of course). He only shows these tricks with fear of torture and pain, fear of the bullhook – the notorious iron hook or anchor.
Elephants cannot be domesticated. To be able to train them, you have to brutally break their SPIRIT, their will. In addition, the baby elephants are torn from their mother and aunts and subjected to the extremely cruel procedure called * Phajaan *. Many babies do not survive this barbery.
Religious traditions and ceremonies are also no reason to torture these wonderful animals for hours.
Nicely decorated wooden or other substitute constructions could also be used and would attract far more interested parties.

But outside of Asia, too, the gray giants suffer abuse and slavery during numerous circus appearances, shows, etc. Where – as everywhere – the bullhook or iron hook is a constant companion. One look into the eyes of the tortured animals is enough to see what these tortured souls are going through.

If you have watched this video, any person with a little heart should have completely lost the desire for such attractions.

Video: (c) Wildlife friends